Loop Bazaar is a FREE Plugin (AU VST AAX for OSX & WIN) which allows you to browse & purchase loops and sounds from within your DAW. This is a cloud based plugin and you can search thousands of loops and sounds by Pro Music Producers. Need a Drum Loop for your track or vocal , percussion or guitar performance ? No problem , load the plugin within your project and browse our entire catalogue to find what fits your track. If you need inspiration you can also start by finding and syncing multiple loops (upto 5 from the plugin) to see what you like and then buy those loops easily. Never leave your workflow! Loops and Sounds starting at 0.99 cents

Aaron • Stagecraft Software

Aaron is a computer programmer and entreprenuer who has had the good fortune to work with everyone from Apple to Roger Linn over the years. Along the way, Aaron collected enough of a skillset in computer music tech to start his own company, Stagecraft Software which creates a wide array of synths, effects and DJ applications for music community. Aaron is an accomplished jazz and funk keyboardist and producer in Chicago.